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Jan 31, 2022
In Fashion Forum
Did you know that with PrestaShop you can create your own online store for free? With it we can have an eCommerce to open our own business on the Internet. Today, there are many digital platforms like this one, through which you can sell products online and manage your own digital company from a computer or mobile. But personally, I think she is one of the most powerful platforms on the market. And to prove it to you, today I want to offer you this mega guide, in which you will learn what PrestaShop is, what it is exactly for and how to configure all the options of this free platform step by step. Content theme menu What is PrestaShop? How to install and create an online store with PrestaShop for free? Step-by-step manual + 8 video tutorials How to install PrestaShop quickly? Install PrestaShop on your hosting manually thanks to FTP Install PrestaShop from the cPanel of your Hosting (Video tutorial) Mega PrestaShop Tutorial to create a free Online store step by step and from scratch Transport configuration for our eCommerce PrestaShop Category management when installing PrestaShop Manage brands and suppliers product management How to do product SEO in PrestaShop? Packs and virtual products for PrestaShop Combination of store products Payment methods in PrestaShop How can I install “PrestaShop Addons” templates or themes? Install modules from “PrestaShop Addons” PrestaShop WPO Options Smarty (build and cache) CCC (Combination, Compression and Cache) Cache in PrestaShop What is PrestaShop? PrestaShop is a CMS or script made in PHP with an open source license, designed mainly to design online stores and manage the sale of products on the Internet. In his latest version, he has rebuilt his core to complement 工作职能邮件数据库 it with the popular and powerful framework called Symfony. In other words, it is a platform or free software to create sites without programming (in this case, online stores), that is, a digital content manager that includes a shopping cart. With a reconstructed programming code that incorporates a constructor called "Symfony", if we want to have a professional eCommerce and we are not programmers, there is no better way to do it. In addition, it has everything you need to create a store, with hardly any extra add-ons or external features, since it is a CMS oriented and created 100% for the sale of products in virtual businesses. Today you can have your own store 100% configured and ready to sell your products on the Internet! If you follow each and every one of the steps explained in this tutorial, at the end of this article you will be able to have your own store 100% configured and ready to start selling. In addition, we have prepared different videos, in which each of the points are illustrated, so that you never get lost and can rely on them whenever you need it. Discover with this mega PrestaShop tutorial all the steps to create an Online store for free! To do this, in this guest post I have Jorge Ortega, a professional who has been creating digital businesses of this type for several years. Led by Jorge, in this super tutorial of more than 7,800 words and with 8 explanatory videos , we are going to see the entire procedure from scratch (and with one of the most powerful CMS on the market). Are you ready to create your own eCommerce? Yeah, so let's get to it. How to install and create an online store with PrestaShop for free? Step-by-step manual + 8 video tutorials
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