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Apr 27, 2022
In Fashion Forum
There was once a song on YouTube: "Do you want to date my virtual avatar?" "If you are not satisfied with me, go offline, and we will clear Thailand Phone Number List the line." In the Internet age, WeChat blocked, Weibo removed Guan, the circle of friends is blocked, we are in our own small circle, like a king who is aloof, as long as we move our fingers, all the people and things we don’t want to see will disappear. But in real life, the difficulties and embarrassment that everyone has to face in their lives will not be reduced because of this. The American scholar Thailand Phone Number List FURTICK once conducted a survey on friendship, and the results showed that, compared with the moment of beauty, vulnerability and embarrassment are important opportunities to catalyze friendship, because the act of exposing weakness reflects trust, and mutual trust is friendship. Base. A person's image on social networks has become a personal brand image to some extent. The impact of life on social media on real life has Thailand Phone Number List expanded from the realm of personal life to the realm of work. This makes people pay more attention to the management of personal impressions on social networks, and in the case of passive consumption, after seeing more images carefully displayed by others, they subconsciously evaluate and transform themselves with higher standards. Social networking has made everyone more Thailand Phone Number List perfect, but also more lonely. In this case, everyone will have a relatively strong desire to talk. But subject to security, face and other factors. In the context of consumption upgrades, people pay more and more attention to themselves and are more willing to solve problems in the form of payment. As a result, solving loneliness and anxiety has become a big business, and various business models have been born. If the main point is to pay for knowledge, then the main point of Songuo's talk is to talk, communicate and accompany strangers. Users can find Thailand Phone Number List suitable people through the tags, profiles, evaluations, etc. of the listeners settled on the platform to talk about various topics including emotions, family, workplace, and campus. Links to people who need to talk to and who are willing to listen, help users relieve psychological pressure Thailand Phone Number List and anxiety, and help someone who has come over or professional qualifications to obtain realization and value affirmation. (Data source: iiMedia Research) 3. The life style of spiritual service will be popularized Due to the huge difference and gap between the Internet and reality, people's anxiety is getting more and more serious. thus becoming increasingly unhappy.
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