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Apr 04, 2022
In Fashion Forum
write your landing page in a way that makes it appealing to your audience, you need to start with…your audience. Ask yourself a few questions: Who are they? What do they think of the problems your offer solves? How do they talk about these issues. ​What do they already know about the problem? Meet them where they are. Speak to them in a way that uses their OWN words - it's called "Voice of the Customer" and if you can do this well, it will go a industry leads long way in helping your customers convert on your landing page. But how do you find these words? How do you know how your audience is talking about the issue so you know what words to use to help them convert? Are you just guessing? You can find the voice of the customer in several ways: Customer reviews Feedback Phone calls with customers Customer interviews Reviews of competitors Amazon reviews of similar products But one question remains - using their words is a start, but what do those words say ? Do you tell them things they already know
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