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Apr 03, 2022
In Fashion Forum
I believe everyone has heard of the two most popular songs on the Internet in the past. What marketing lessons do these two brand brainwashing songs have? The author has carried out the PK of the two from two aspects, let's take a look. When it comes to the fax number database two most popular songs on the Internet in the past month, it must be: "You love me, I love you, Michelle Bingcheng is sweet." "Super idol's smile is not as sweet as yours, and the sun at noon in August is not as dazzling as yours." These two songs, one is the theme song of Michelle Bingcheng, and the other is the commercial song of Watsons distilled water. To be honest, because the styles are not similar, although they are very out of the circle, as an outsider in the music circle, I find it difficult to tell the difference. So this article is not to discuss its creation, but to talk about the brand's song marketing. The reason why these two songs are mentioned is because they are highly comparable—one is that they both swept Douyin and Station B, and were cited as bgm or created by countless videos; Sitting on the cold bench for over a year. Let me start with fax number database my conclusion. From the perspective of brand marketing, Michelle Bingcheng has obviously won Watsons. Disclaimer: The whole article is subjective, based on personal feelings, different opinions are welcome. Reminder: The following content is related to the brand, not simply the song. 1. Reasons for choosing Mixue Ice City It is not me who wins, but the result, which is mainly divided into three aspects: 1. Brand voice 1) Online Douyin: The videos related to Michelle Bingcheng’s official account are all over 30w. Watsons’ official blog forgives my poking. After searching for a while, I haven’t seen any videos of related songs, but the number of views of official blog videos is basically less than 10,000. Station B: Michelle Bingcheng's official blog has more than one million views, and Watson's is up to 40w. 2) Offline From my personal experience, I also came fax number database to know that "You Who Love 105°C" is a commercial song of Watsons distilled water. I asked the people around me and no one knew (including heavy users of Douyin). Due to the epidemic, offline business and supermarket communication cannot be experienced in person, but as far as I know, some offline parts of Michelle Ice City have undergone a brainwashing cycle.
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